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Includes extra  PDF Viewer, DWG/DXF Viewer, PostProcessor and 6 months of Support
+ free backup CD for US & EU customers

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Print2CAD™ 2015
5th Generation

with OCR, Raster to Vector, and DWG/DXF Postprocessor


The-All-In-One Conversion Software:


     ■ PDF to CAD (DWG/ DXF) and Vice Versa Conversion

     ■ DWG / DXF to PDF Conversion

     ■ PDF to TIFF / JPEG Conversion

     ■ HPGL / DWF / TIFF / JPEG to CAD Conversion (DWG/ DXF)

     ■ OCR Recognition of PDF Text

     ■ Raster to Vector Conversion of PDF Images

     ■ Recognition of Layers, Circles, Arcs, Line Types

     ■ Integrated DWG / DXF Postprocessor and Viewer

     ■ Integrated PDF / DWF / HPGL / EPS/ PCL / SVG/ TIFF Viewer

     ■ Five Click Wizard for Easy Conversion

     ■ English, German, Italian, Spanish and French Interfaces

Print2CAD Software is a stand alone Windows (32 and 64 bit) program that works independently with all CAD systems (and all AutoCAD® versions including AutoCAD® 2015).

Print2CAD Conversion Steps


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Software Training

Kazmierczak® OnLine University

33 Videos

Software Features

- Print2CAD Features Autodesk® RealDWG™ Technology

- DWG and DXF output with 100% Autodesk® Compatibility

- Print2CAD Features OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology

- Print2CAD Features English and German as Native Languages

- Print2CAD Features Metric and Standard Units

- Contains DWG and DXF Structure Viewer DeepView 2014

- Contains PDF/ DWF/ TIFF/ JPEG Viewer PVGview LT

- Five-click Assistant for Easy Conversion

- OCR Recognition of PDF Text

- OCR Recognition of TIFF and JPEG Text

- OCR Recognition of DWG Text

- OCR Recognition of HPGL Text

- Coordinate Calibration with Free Calibration Points

- Line Type Recognition

- Vectorization of PDF raster images black / white or color

- Vectorization of TIFF, JPEG raster images black / white or color

- 28 Training Video Clips

- Multimedia Reference Manual

- Text Height Normalization

- Vectorization Expert Settings


- PDF to DWG or DXF Conversion (for all CAD systems)

- PDF to JPEG Conversion

- PDF to TIFF Conversion (LZW, G4, G3)

- PDF to JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG Conversion

- TIFF to DWG/DXF Conversion (for all CAD systems)

- JPEG to DWG/DXF Conversion (for all CAD systems)

- DWF to DWG/DXF Conversion (for all CAD systems)

- DWG to PDF conversion

- DXF to PDF conversion

- HPGL and HPGL-2 to DWG or DXF conversion (for all CAD systems)


- Command Line and Batch Support (only Enterprise Edition)


- Conversion into DWG and DXF compatible version 12, 14, 2000, 2002, 2004,

  2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

- Support of PDF Text

- Support of PDF Layers

- Extraction of PDF Pixel Images as JPEG or TIFF Files (optional)

- Recognition of Circles and Arcs

- Rotation and Scaling of DWG and DXF Coordinates

- Purge and Merge Polylines

- Reconstruction of DWG and DXF Layer Structure according to PDF color, line
  width, or type of element


- DWG and DXF RGB Color conversion

- Start with thousands of PDF, HPGL, TIFF, JPEG, DWF Files in One Run

- High precision of DWG or DXF Coordinates

- Optimization of Polylines

- Convert all PDF Pages into Separate DWG or DXF

- Assign PDF Line Weight to DWG or DXF Entities

- Extract embedded raster images from PDF as BMP, JPEG, PNG or GIF

- Convert embedded raster images from PDF as Solids or Lines

- Supports PDF Mirrored Raster Pictures

- Supports TIFF and JPEG Vectorization

Print2CAD converts PDF files into a DWG or DXF file, which can then be imported into any CAD system for editing. Print2CAD  is an autonomous and CAD system-independent program. Print2CAD also converts DWG/DXF into PDF, TIFF/JPEG into DWG, DWF into DWG/DXF and HPGL into DWG/DXF.


Print2CAD not only uses conversion and vectorization methods, but also uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to reconstruct the content of a PDF or raster file. The program can also recognize the PDF text  that has been deconstructed into polyline fields, and/or pixel pictures as full and editable CAD text.


Print2CAD recognizes the dashed or chain dotted line types, and will connect them to form a proper CAD line and/or polyline with a line type. The lines may have any angle of inclination.


Print2CAD can precisely adjust, de-skew, and turn the converted drawing with the help of any number of arbitrary calibration points.

One can be certain that a 3 foot thick wall will remain 3 feet thick  after the conversion and will not be 2.9 feet thick. Likewise, a horizontal line will stay horizontal after the conversion.


Print2CAD converts files into DWG version 14, 2000 - 2015 or DXF version 12, 2000-2015. All vectors, lines, circles, arcs, surfaces, splines, text, and pixel images are transferred into DWG or DXF. The pixel images can be converted into vectors, embedded or stored in separate files. Special functions generate circles and arcs. PDF layer structure is supported, or if not available, this can be created on the basis of color or line widths. PDF characters are put together to create a new text. PDF properties such as line widths and line types are also converted into CAD properties. Print2CAD converts PDF colors into CAD index of colors or full RGB colors. Print2CAD also supports TTF fonts. With multi-page PDF documents, one can specify which pages to convert.

Handling of Text

In PDF or DWF files, text is usually defined as separate characters or groups of characters with their own insertion points. With the help of special internal methods, Print2CAD merges characters into strings and places these strings as texts in the DWG or DXF drawing.

If the PDF, HPGL, DWF or TIFF /JPEG file contains text which are exploded into lines, polylines, hatches or raster pictures one can use internal OCR (Optical Character Recognition) methods to convert these types of "text" into real and native text.

Handling of Lines, Circles, an Arcs

Normal well-created PDF files contain lines, hatches, circles, and arcs as PDF element paths or PDF element Bézier curves. Circles or arcs do not exist in PDF definition; they are Bézier curves or polylines.


A human has the capability and intelligence to recognize circles and arcs, however for software to have this same type of recognition takes a lot more effort. Print2CAD provides advanced methods for circle and arc recognition.

Vectorization, OCR, Pattern Recognition, and Calibration

Print2CAD converts and vectorizes raster pictures from PDF, HPGL, DWF, TIFF, and JPEG files. The input files can be done using a scanner or generated directly from CAD systems in different quality levels.

With the help of Raster to Vector Methods, Print2CAD can recognize all circles, arcs, and lines.

With the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Print2CAD can recognize Texts.

With the help of Pattern Recognition, Print2CAD can recognize dash or dash dotted line types.


With the help of coordinate calibration, Print2CAD can correct the accuracy of the converted drawing.

System Requirements


- 32bit: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista® (SP1), Windows® XP Professional,  Home Edition(SP3)

- 64bit: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista® (SP1)

- Apple OS X (Snow Leopard or Lion) with Parallels Windows or Fusion Windows
  License (Coherence)



Important for Windows XP user:

One needs installed Service Pack 3 for Windows XP.


Important for AutoCAD on Windows XP user:

For AutoCAD 2000 in Windows XP one needs AutoCAD Service Pack 2.

For AutoCAD 2002 in Windows XP one needs AutoCAD Service Pack 1.

For AutoCAD 2004 in Windows XP one needs AutoCAD Service Pack 1a.

For AutoCAD 2005-2008 under Windows XP one needs AutoCAD Service Pack 1.

AutoCAD Service Packs can be downloaded at


- 32bit: Windows Vista: Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® Dual Core, 3.0 GHz or

- Windows XP: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon Dual Core, 1.6 GHz or higher

- 64bit: AMD Athlon® 64 or Opteron® or higher

- Intel® Pentium® 4 or Xeon® with Intel EM64T Suppor



- Windows 7: 1 GB RAM (for TIFF, JPEG or scanned PDF Vectorization, DWG to
  PDF, DXF to PDF > 2 GB free RAM)

- Windows Vista: 1 GB RAM (for TIFF, JPEG or scanned PDF Vectorization, DWG to
  PDF, DXF to PDF > 2 GB free RAM)

- Windows XP: 1 GB RAM (for TIFF, JPEG or scanned PDF Vectorization, DWG to
  PDF, DXF to PDF > 2 GB free RAM)


Print2CAD works well under Apple OS X with Windows Parallel or Fusion Software (Coherence Modus).

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