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CodeMeter Server Installation Guide

A so called Codemeter Hardlock can hold one license for each BackToCAD Technologies product (Print2CAD,, CADInLa) and can be used locally. You connect the hardware key to your computer’s USB port or download the software key with License Manager Tool (LMT) and if you have the CodeMeter driver installed  your BackToCAD product will find a license. Each workstation in an office needs a plugged in key if you want to run the program.


A Codemeter Network Hardlock can hold multiple licenses related to each product (Print2CAD,, CADInLa). To share them across multiple computers you need a CodeMeter server. It gives more flexibility than having individual keys as the licenses are allocated only when they are being used on one of the clients.



System requirements for a CodeMeter Server


The CodeMeter server is part of the CodeMeter driver so you only need to select a computer on your network that will act as a CodeMeter server. To set up a CodeMeter server – as a network license server you will need the followings:


  • a computer with network connection (should be running during work hours)
  • the computer needs to have at least one free USB port for hardware key only
  • CodeMeter driver needs to be installed (can be found on the installation CD "CodeMeter Server Software" or can be downloaded from here)
  • a connected CodeMeter hardware key or downloaded software key with network licenses


There is no need for server level operating system for the CodeMeter server. Any computer that has recent Windows versions is capable to act as CodeMeter server. (Windows 7, Window 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10). Even one of the workstations can work as a CodeMeter server, you only need to keep it running during the work hours.


CodeMeter Hardlock or CodeMeter Network Hardlock

CodeMeter Hardlock or CodeMeter Network Hardlock

Set up the server


1. Install CodeMeter Drive from the CD "CodeMeter Server Software" using CodeMeterRuntime.exe, or you can download the Software here


2. After you plug in the CodeMeter to USB Port on your Server and the CodeMeter driver is installed on your Server, you can start the next steps.


3 . Start CodeMeter Control Center using Windows pull up menu or Hidden Icons.

Windows Hidden Icons

Windows Hidden Icons

CodeMeter Control Center, Windows pull up menu

Windows Pull Up Menu

4. Check that your CodeMeter in in the Lise of licenses (CmStick and Stick Number)


5. Start "WebAdmin" (see Arrow). This is a little bit wired name for CodeMeter Settings Manager, but we can't change it.
Or simply open localhost:22350 on your browser

CodeMeter Control Center

6. To enable the CodeMeter Server:


  • Go to Configuration/Server Configuration tab
  • Check Enable Network Server checkbox
  • Do not forget to Apply the changes and Restart CodeMeter service


From that point the server runs and shares licenses on the local network.

CodeMeter WebAdmin
  • Check Run CmWAN Server checkbox to use the computer in a wide area network (WAN) and allow license accesses.
  • Do not forget to Apply the changes

Set up the Clients


Install the Software (Print2CAD, CADInLa, CAdconv or using the installation file with the extension .msi. All client on the local network should find the server automatically.


In case this does not work (e.g. your server is in a different subnet, or you are connecting remotely through the Internet) then you may need the specify the server’s hostname of IP address on the client:


  • Open WebAdmin
  • Configuration/Network
  • Add the server to the Server Search List


This field may have more entries and the client searches for available licenses in the specified order. It only searches for the specified server unless the list is empty.

Server Search List, CodeMeter WebAdmin

Access Control


With the default settings all computers on the same local network (same subnet) may use a license from the server.

In case the access needs to be restricted:


  • Open WebAdmin
  • Configuration/Access Control


In case the Clients’ list is empty the above mentioned rule applies – anyone on the local network can use a license. In case at least one entry is specified here only the specified one/ones can request a license.


 If the server is public on the Internet -as described here – or none is allowed to use a license, make sure that this list is filled correctly to avoid unwanted license usage.


You may want to check who is using a license:


  • Open WebAdmin on the server computer
  • Server/User tab


Here you can get list about the active clients and about clients having borrowed licenses.

Clients, Access Control

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