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CADdirect™ 2019
New Era CAD™
With Artificial Intelligence

Why Pay 10X More For
Similar Software Developed
in the 20th Century.


UPC: 609722738514

EAN: 0609722738514


Based on:


Based on IntelliCAD, a professional grade, commercial 2D/3D CAD software program and solutions development platform.

New Version 9.0 Key Features:


     CAD for .dwg/.dxf  (Versions 12-2019)

     Provides All Normal CAD Drawing Functions

     Based on IntelliCAD® Engine (

     2D/3D Editing, Viewing, Rendering, 4K Screens Ready

     ACAD Program Compatible (Patterns, Line Types,...)

     Easy to Learn for ACAD Users, Similar Commands

Supports Lisp, .NET and C++. DWG, DXF Reader.

     ■ Available as Permanent License, No Subscription

     Full Dimensioning and Styling, Express Tools

     DGN Import und Export, SAT Import, ACIS Light Modeling

     ■ 1/10 of the Price of Similar CAD Systems

     ■ 700 Pages Reference Manual as PDF or EPUB

     ■ Modern Ribbon Menu

     ■ Ready for 4K Screens
     ■ Including .dwg to PDF Batch Converter

Supported Input Formats:

AutoCAD® DWG Legacy Drawings as Native Format

Import: DWG, DXF (12-2019), DWT, DXB, DWF, DGN, CEL, DAE, RDL, DGN, DGNLIB, JPEG (Underlay), TIFF (Underlay), ACIS (.sat)

2D/3D Viewing:

High Speed 2D Viewing and 3D Rendering

All Zoom Functions, Viewports, View Manager, Dynamic View, 3D Orbit, 3D Hidden Lines, 3D Rendering with Materials and Lighting

Localization and Customization:

English and German as native Language

nglish and German Manual as PDF and HTML, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian Interfaces. Customization of Toolbars and Menus, compatible with .mnu, .mns, .cui, .icm

Supported Output Formats:

DWG and DXF as Native Formats (Save)

Export: DWG, DXF (12-2019), PDF, SVG, WMF, STL, DWT, DXB, DGN, CEL, DAE, DGN, EPS, BMP, eTransmit

DWG Dimensioning:

Full 2D and 3D Dimensioning and Styling

Dimensioning Linear, Aligned, Angular, Rotated, Arc, Leader, Radius, Diameter, Baseline, Chain, Tolerances, Dim. Style Manager, Dim. Inspection.

AutoCAD® Comaptibility:

AutoCAD DWG legacy Drawings as native Format

Unparalleled compatibility with AutoCAD, using most of the same file formats including those for drawings (.dwg files), commands, linetypes, hatch patterns, and text styles.

Lisp, C++, .NET, IRX, TX, Script Programming

Fully Lisp programmable and compatible. C++ and .NET programming using free IRX or TX developer tools. Script Recording and Editing.

Professional Programmer Interfaces:

2D/3D Printing:

Full 2D and 3D Printing and Rendering

eTransmit, Plot Manager, Plot Styles, .ctb or .stb Import, Hidden Lines and Rendering Printing, Free Units, Units Manager and Units Editor

2D/3D Measuring:

Measuring 2D and 3D Functions with Snapping

Inquire Distance, Areas, ID Coordinates, Change Units , Scale and Stretch Drawing, Define own Coordinate Systems, Edit Length

CADdirect 2019
Perpetual License

 (English, German)
CAD System for .dwg and .dxf
AI Online Help.

Special Price!
US$ 498
US$ 359

(one permanent License,
unlimited License transfer,
6 Mo. Support)

CADdirect 2019
On Amazon

 (English, German)
CAD System for .dwg and .dxf
AI Online Help.

Special Price!
US$ 398
US$ 298

(yearly subscription,
unlimited License transfer,
6 Mo. Support)

CADdirect 2019

 (English, German)
CAD System for .dwg and .dxf
AI Online Help.

Special Price!
US$ 498
US$ 198

(one permanent License,
unlimited License transfer,
6 Mo. Support)

System Requirements:


- 32bit: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista® (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1)
- 64bit: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista® (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1)


- Windows 10: 4 GB RAM

- Windows 8: 4 GB RAM

- Windows Vista: 2 GB RAM

- Windows 7: 2 GB RAM

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