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■ CAD for .dwg/.dxf

■ Provides Viewing, Printing,
■ A ll Normal CAD Functions

■ Based on IntelliCAD® Engine
■ 2D/3D Viewing, Rendering
■ Editing, and Measuring
■ ACAD Program Compatible
■ Easy to Learn for ACAD Users
■ Supports Lisp, .NET and C++

■ Full Dimensioning and Styling

■ DGN Import und Export

■ 700 Pages Manual as PDF or EPUB


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US$ 199

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Hardlock based Floating License - USB hardlock manages the licenses in your network over TCP/IP protocol. The hardlock is permanent plugged to the server. The hardlock do not need to be switched over to the another computer.

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US$ 788
(per one Floating License,
Telephone Support)

2 Perpetual Floating Licenses

US$ 1,076

3 Perpetual Floating Licenses

US$ 1,354

4 Perpetual Floating Licenses

US$ 1,622

5 Perpetual Floating Licenses

US$ 1,880

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PDF to CAD, Raster To Vector Converter
Access to AI Cloud Converter

  • PDF to DWG/DXF Converter
  • PDF to Image Converter
  • DWF to DWG/DXF Converter
  • HPGL to DWG/DXF Converter
  • EPS to DWG/DXF Converter
  • TIFF to DWG/DXF Converter
  • JPEG to DWG/DXF Converter
  • PNG to DWG/DXF Converter
  • BMP to DWG/DXF Converter
  • PDF Viewer for CAD Drawings

US$ 298
(one permanent License,
unlimited License transfer,
6 Mo.Support)

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