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PVGview  2019

PDF Viewer for
Construction Drawings

 PDF Comparison
Line Weight Handling
Advanced PDF Printing
Advanced Measuring with Calibration

With PVGview, you can now find all the important print plot and data formats and all the important functions in one application.


This viewer for professionals allows you to analyze, compare, process , refine and convert from a wide range of source formats into a wide variety of target formats.


PVGview is the software solution for professionals that will optimally support your workflow.


Unlike most programs that are commonly used to render PDF files, PVGview is designed for professionals who often deal with vector graphics, whether as drawings, plots, or in data processing.



As a multi-document interface, PVGview is fully multithreaded. It does not need additional conversion software.



PVGview outputs files in the best quality, while the file sizes are kept to a minimum. In addition the application allows the viewing or output of vector graphics and many other functions.


Handling graphic data is very easy. Files are previewed and can be dragged and dropped or pasted into other files.


PVGview has various view functions to choose from;

Infinite Zoom (a magnifying glass tool)

You can mark texts within a document line by line or block by block.


Your used settings are saved in XML format. This saves valuable time if you frequently use similar functions or settings.


PVGview also has many useful analysis tools for measurements.

PVGview 2019 Features:

  • Logger for all work steps (for recording and creating workflows)
  • File browser (with thumbnail graphics and additional functions) for searching files
  • File comparison (Two way comparison showing differences based on four views representing new information in red)
  • Display of drawing elements (surfaces, fonts, images, polygons)
  • Access to images, lines and surfaces and functions (such as moving elements)
  • PDF-A verification and reporting of errors
  • Layer functions (PDF or DWF)
  • Distance and Area Measuring Function with snapping to endpoints and addressing different element groups.
  • Selective display (for example of texts, lines, areas)
  • PVG.view supports command lines and batch execution.
  • Save in many different qualities (raster formats, PDF, etc.), converting grayscale to solid (black and white or dashed)
  • Import and integration of graphics into existing PDF.
  • Assembly function for setting paper size and similar functions including print layout preview with position display, overlap, etc.

PVGview 2019
Perpetual License

 (English, German)

Limited Time Offer!
US$ 259
US$ 159

(one permanent License,
unlimited License transfer,
6 Mo. Support)

PVGview 2019

 (English, German)

Limited Time Offer!
US$ 259
US$ 99

(one permanent License,
unlimited License transfer,
6 Mo. Support)

System Requirements:


- 32bit: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista® (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1)
- 64bit: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista® (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1)


- Windows 10: 4 GB RAM

- Windows 8: 4 GB RAM

- Windows Vista: 2 GB RAM

- Windows 7: 2 GB RAM

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